Schenna is located on the sunny hills above Merano in South Tyrol, surrounded by vineyards and orchards - at 600 meters above sea level.

The entire municipality of Schenna covers an area of 48 sq km and extends from the border of the town of Merano (300m) to the two local mountains Hirzer (2.781m) and Ifinger (2,581 m).
In addition to the village (600m), the village has other 6 districts, from 716 m to 1536 m: Verdins, St. Georgen, Schennaberg, Videgg, Unter- and Obertall. Each district charmed by its characteristic beauty.

Dates and Facts

• 2.707 residents
• 48 sq km municipal territory

Schenna is one of 116 municipalities in South Tyrol, located in a south-eastern slope, 4 km away from Merano. This area around Merano is called Burggrafenamt, one of the seven districts in South Tyrol.

In the first mentions, the name Schenna appears in documents of the 12th Century. The name has a Roman origin and derive probably from the Latin ‚scaene’ (stage-like construction). There is no doubt, that here, in Roman times, there were settlements, which is suggested by the discovery of coins.

From the former farming community, during the last 50 years, one of the most important tourism places of South Tyrol developed. The successful fusion of nature, tradition and culture make Schenna to the perfect setting for unforgettable vacations.

Customs and traditions in Schenna

To be present is an honorary thing, to participate is self-evident.
In Schenna the tradition do not belong to the tiresome duties, but is loved and lived tradition, where young and old ones are equally rooted in. So the Schenner not only slip to the solemn processions in ancient costume. Even on normal Sundays, locals wear their colourful costumes.

Did you know, that the red and green bands on the hats of the men’s costumes have the following meaning:
Green: already forgiven and married
Red: still to have to….. But attention please – all men of the music band wear hats with red ribbons for aesthetic reasons…so it is exciting