1880Pitcher Michael, vulgo „Taber Michele“, laid the foundation of the Schennerhof, called also as the builder Michele Writ.
1902Franz von Pföstl, Gartner’s son, acquires the restaurant and expands it by a butcher shop.
1903Franz von Pföstl, Gartner’s son, acquires the restaurant and expands it by a butcher shop.
1910There daughter Anna is born
1908Expansion of the business through the building of a veranda
1935Anna von Pföstl marries Rudolf Hölzl, Freienfelder’s son from Algund; from this marriage stem 5 children ( Anna, Rudolf, Franz, Martha and Christl, who dies at tender flowering age).
1936Rudolf and Anna Hölzl take on the parental firm.
1937Franz v. Pföstl dies at the age of 68 years
1937Stable and stage are rebuilted. During the war years soldiers of both fronts return again and again to the Schennerhof, to strength. Especially under fascism we all suffered very heavily. The name ‘Schönnerhof’ was prohibited; instead of this name it was called ‘Albergo Colonna’, which translated means something like Pföstlwirt – Pföstl host.
1945Maria v. Pföstl dies at the age of 72 years
1951/52Rudolf and Anna begin with the renovation of the inn, the kitchen was renovated in the house with 10 beds, as well as warm water and central heating were installed.
1954/56Construction of a floor, rebuilding and expansion of the butchery, and expansion of the inn to 30 beds
1959Rudolf Hölzl senior dies at the age of 50 years
1961/63The renovation areas and the kitchen were renovated and expanded.
1964/65The adjacent land was acquired and a Dependence „Villa“ was built.
1969/70The „old Schennerhof“, including the economic building, was demolished and rebuilt
1970On June 21, the new hotel was consecrated with a celebration by Reverend Dr. Rudolf Pöhl, now Steyler missionary by whole world. The new hotel is one of the most modern ones in the whole country, with a bed capacity of approx. 40 beds, almost 500 seats in the restaurant and a butcher shop with its own slaughter. The family decided to lead the hotel together for 10 years.
1972Rudolf Hölzl marries Anna Hofer, Oberbrugger’s daughter from Luttach in the Ahrntal Valley, a year later their son Michael was born. The tourism boom in the 70’s gave to the Schennerhof and to the whole family ‘golden years’. A high occupancy in the hotel every day, and daily over 1400 meals in the À la Carte Restaurant (of which alone 500 as 3walk menus- totalling approx. 2.500 plates courts), with a staff of 40 employees.
1978The ways of the sisters and brothers separated in the course of the years, Anna, the eldest daughter, marries and leads until now with her family the Hotel Hohenwart in Schenna, Rudolf takes the Schennerhof with his wife Anna, together with the butchery, Franz takes over the Dependence and transform it 2 years later in the today’s Hotel Cafe Christoph, and Martha, the youngest, already 1971 marries in Merano.
1980The second son of Rudi and Anna was born; Thomas sees the light of the world. This year the Schennerhof is 100 years old. This event was greatly celebrated. A Schennerhof-coin is released for the 100-anniversary. In the following years, the Schennerhof is repeatly modernized and upgraded with quality.
1988/89The Schennerhof now has a sauna and own solarium. From several individual rooms there were constructed modern 2 bed rooms.
1994Due to the health problems of father, son Michael, together with his mother Anna, has to take forward the fortunes of the firm already with 23 years.
1997Surely a fate year for the Schennerhof. In February, the well-known and estimated Schennerhof host Anna Hölzl senior dies at the age of 87 years. In the month of September of the same year, her son Rudolf followed her at the age of 58 years. Hard years came for the family. The family (mother Anna and sons Michael and Thomas) decided to refresh the firm and the long tradition of the hotel.
1999There is again a fresh wind in the sails of the Schennerhof.
A few number of renovation work has to be done. Parking place, Restaurant and dining rooms are renovated.
2001/02The project ‘Sunshine Rooms’ begins. The large dining room on the first floor, with a seating capacity of about 150 guests, will be converted into 6 modern rooms.
2002/03The staff rooms on 4 th floor are converted into 3 modern guest rooms with air conditioning, in addition, all the floors and curtains on 3rd floor are renovated.
2003/04The rooms in 2nd floor is renovated with new flooring and curtains. The kitchen becomes new machines, to reduce the level of gas installation.
2004/05The kitchen were renovated again – a new wash technology, new plate warmers, Bagno Maria and a boiler were purchased. The large steam boiler (250 KW) in the heat room is turned off. Construction of a corridor to the Hotel Christoph – The Schennerhof now has Wellness. New seats in the garden.
2005/06Renovation of the whole heating installation. Converted from oil system to wood pellets. The plant with 180 KW power, a 1000 lt fresh water and 3500 lt buffer provides comforting warmth and hot water throughout the whole house.
2006/07Now, even the last two remaining halls on first floor, are rebuilt. The former breakfast and dining room, the TV and the hall, the office and the apartment on 2nd floor are converted into five modern rooms. They obtain the name Sunshine De Luxe, and are immediately loved, especially by our guests, because of their size and the beautiful view.
2007/08In this year follows a minor rebuilding, namely the Steinmandl rooms. Our romantic double rooms get a new look with modern bathrooms, new furniture etc. Here, tradition and modernity are cleverly connected together.
Outlook: Dear guests, we still have a lot of other things in front of our house. Let you surprise...