The name comes from its builder, Taber Michael, who laid the foundation for our house in the year 1880.
Well, what can and what could our house not even tell... Somebody could almost even describe it with a well-known slogan…. In good as in bad times… Building, war, peace, fascism, good times, less good times, joy, tears, jubilation, mirth etc., to mention just a few things.

Many of those who today call themselves pioneers were still not born, when Pföstl Franz of the Gartnerhof in Schena acquired the Schennerhof at the beginning of 20th century. Animal trader and farmer as profession, he was now a host as profession, with his own butcher shop.

Besides the village population, the guest’s form Merano came after a walk went strayed to Schena, rather than they searched especially Scena, and they provided for the first financial incomes. This little economic boom was rudely suppressed again by the two world wars. The real boom of guests came then until mid-end of 60’s with the economic miracle of Germany. 
And this way the Schennerhof evolved every future years with great transformations, at the beginning of 70’s up to now, into a modern hotel business with 15 hard-employees workers.

We are very proud about the past, which is with us our mission for the future.

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Fam. Hölzl